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Twinhook black 5500

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Twinhook black 5500

Item no. 792000322
box = 5,5 1000 pcs
box = 5500 piece(s)
pallet = 24 box
pallet = 132000 piece(s)
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This is a ‘twinclip’ made of polypropylene that provides the node with the exact support it needs to prevent damage. Due to the TwinHook’s clever design it is quick and easy to attach. Growers are recommended to apply the TwinHook within one month after planting.

  • Protective, by preventing the main branch from splitting under the weight of the stems when lowering the plant
  • One size-fits-all design, adapted to most double headed tomato plants and branch sizes according to the variety
  • Ergonomic, cost saving, with a single part replacing two clips, offering a more dedicated solution
  • Innovative, with a supporting leg which stabilizes the product and provides optimized positioning

Watch the video for more information. Use the subtitles at the bottom of the youtube player to add subtitles.


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