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Valent Clip (15 mm) terracotta (20.000)

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Valent Clip (15 mm) terracotta (20.000)

Item no. 792000327
box = 20 1000 pcs
box = 20000 piece(s)
pallet = 30 box
pallet = 600000 piece(s)
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The Valent Cuke clip is 15 mm and is therefore mostly used in cucumber cultivation. The clips provides a reclosable opening, which ensure that the clip can be easily attached and moved if desired. The Valent Cuke Clip has a unique design compared to other clips. The clip is made of less material, but is still very sturdy. The excellent rounding ensures that there is less chance of damage to the plant. The clip ensures perfect stem guidance for cucumber cultivation.


Advantages of the Valent Cuke Clip

  • The Valent clip is an optimized clip, with a smart solid design, with optimal rounded edges
  • Due to the smart design, less waste is created which results in an environmental friendly clip
  • The clip has optimal rounded edges which means less damage to the fruit and the crop
  • Through the cleverly created air holes around the clip, there is less chance of Botrytis
  • Because the clip is provided with a reclosable opening, the clip can easily be moved if desired, a new clip is not necessary, resulting in an environmentally friendly approach
  • With its large and strong twine grippers equipped with anti-slip points, the valent clip can handle high plant loads with less chance of the twine sliding
  • From a sustainability point of view, the Valent clips are made from 100% high-quality recycled material

Because there are several variants of the Valent Clip, the size will ideally fit your crop. In short, the Valent Clip is the best choice for your crop. The Valent Clip is excellent to use in combination with Valent twine, another product from our Valent line. Do you want to know which Valent Clip suits your situation? Please ask our specialist for custom made advice.

Sizes15 mm 23  mm
Clips per box20.00012.000
Clips per pallet600.000360.000

Type of cultivation
We recommend to use the Valent Clip in combination with our Valent Twine. Valent Twine is perfect for tomato, cucumber, eggplant, and bell bell pepper cultivation. This is because Valent Twine is strong and does not absorb moisture, which eliminates the risk of twine breakage.

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