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Cloths and canvasses

Cloths and canvasses are used for a variety of purposes within the cultivation process. For example, a ground cover can be used to reflect light.
The fleece cloth is used to protect the crop against frost and an capillary mat can be used to evenly divide the water between potted plants.

Cloths and canvasses in horticulture

In professional horticulture, cloths and canvasses are regularly used. These cloths and canvasses each have their own application. They can be used for protection of the crop, better growth of plants or to prevent pests and weeds. Our assortment consists of: ground cloths, capillary mats, shade nets, fleece cloths, top-drawing cloths, strawberry support net, basin sail and steam equipment. Discover the possibilities for every crop. 

Assortment cloths and canvasses

  • Nonwoven cloths protects indoor and outdoor crops from frost and cold. The fleece creates a microclimate in the winter and catches unexpected temperature differences in the summer, so there is always a favorable climate for the crop. Non-woven fabrics also offer protection against damage caused by severe weather conditions. In winter temperatures the fleece serves as good insulation, limiting moisture loss. In addition, it prevents birds and pests from entering the greenhouse. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of fleece rolls. Discover the possibilities. 
  • Ground cloth - also called anti-root cloth - has several purposes within horticulture. For example, it is used for light reflection, tallow protection, weed control and clearing the greenhouse. Per purpose it differs which type of ground cover is suitable for your growing situation. When you want to buy ground cover it is important to think about the application of the ground cover. Our specialists have written an article in which they explain the different types of ground cover. Besides choosing the right ground cloth, it is also important to ensure optimal cleaning and disinfection. With the help of various hygiene measures, you can prevent that any diseases and pests remain in the greenhouse. Our specialists have written an article explaining the hygiene protocol for cultivation on ground cover.
  • Capillary mats are often used in potted plant nurseries for watering the crop. The mats ensure that the potted plants are evenly watered from below, which contributes to good root development in the pot. The water does not flow away from the planter in this way, giving the plants a larger water buffer during sunny periods. The water capacity of the irrigation mat is the amount of water the mat can hold per square meter in liters. For the best cultivation results it is important that the irrigation mats are placed and used in the right way. It is important that the strips of the mats overlap each other by at least 5 and no more than 10 centimeters, so that each plant receives enough water. It is also important that before using the capillary mat, the mat is made completely wet with water with a low surface tension. This ensures that the water is absorbed well. Our specialists have also written a handy article for the correct use of the capillary mat
  • Pull-out canvas is used to remove the old crop from the greenhouse at the end of the season. The old crop is placed on the cloth, allowing the cloth to be pulled forward. Then the old crop can be shredded and disposed of.
  • Steam equipment is an important component for ground flows to cover the ground. By means of the steam equipment, hot air is supplied under the cloth or canvas. The steam equipment in our range has a long service life and has a minimum of 200 steam hours under normal use.   
  • Shade nets are used to prevent the soil from drying out and to maintain humidity. Shade nets are available in several varieties: from fine mesh to coarse mesh. 

Want to buy cloths and canvasses?

Are you planning to buy a new fleece cloth, ground cover or capillary mat? Then Royal Brinkman is the right place for you. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities. In addition, they will also help you to order the correct quantity. 
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