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Capillary mats

capillary mats idistribute water equally over plants from below of the pot. Watering from below provides a better root development. At Royal Brinkman you can find a wide range of capillary matting for professional horticulture.

Horticultural capillary matting 

Capillary mats are used in various crops for optimal irrigation of potted plants. In addition, irrigation mats can be applied to various irrigation systems: irrigation, drip irrigation, ebb and flow systems and roll containers. For the best growing results, it is important that the capillary mats are placed and used correctly. Before using the irrigation mat, make sure that the irrigation mat is completely wetted with water. It is important that you do this with a low surface tension, because this ensures that the water is well absorbed. Capillary mats have a capillary effect so that the water is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the mat. The higher this capillary effect is, the better and faster the distribution of water through the mat. Royal Brinkman offers three types of horticultural capillary matting from supplier Henofa:
  • BWM mat: BWM capillary mats consist of recycled fibres, which allows the mat to absorb a lot of water but makes it more difficult to pass it on to each other.
  • Klavermat: Klavermat capillary mats contain new fibres, so all fibres have the same structure. This ensures good water absorption and distribution, resulting in homogeneous irrigation
  • Klavermat HC: this capillary mat contains new fibres, but here the application is of great importance. 

Choosing the right capillary mat

By choosing the right capillary matting, you have to take into account two factors: water capacity and capillary effect. The water capacity is important because this is the amount of water the mat holds on 1 square metre. The other factor is the capillary effect. This is the extent to which the capillary mats distributes the water evenly over the entire surface. Small height differences in cultivation floors can be overcome when the effect is large enough.

Klaver capillary mat

The Klaver capillary mat is produced from 100% high-quality synthetic fibers. Each fiber has exactly the same properties and structure, resulting in a high capillary action. The mat is distinguished by its chemical resistance and constant operation. The Klaver capillary mat lasts 8 to 10 years with normal use. With horticultural capillary matting there is a reproducible and constant capillary effect. Henofa has also developed the Klavertmat HC. This is an extension of the existing mats. The advantage of the Klavermat HC is that it has a low water capacity with a high distribution speed. Excess water could therefore be drained away. 

Purchase capillary matting

When purchasing horticultural capillary matting it’s important that you always get proper advice. Do you want tailored advice? By using the form at the bottom of this page, our specialist will contact you without any obligations - on working days you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours.
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