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Bio Hopper XL Electric

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Bio Hopper XL Electric

Item no. 941900085
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This fully electrically driven Bio Hopper XL is a very powerful and efficient machine for cleaning out various horticultural substrates (rockwool, perlite, coir, slabs), tomato leaf, groundcover and various crops (cucumber, tomato, strawberries, chrysanthemums, etc.). The Bio Hopper rolls up the canvas on which the material is drawn to the machine. The material falls on a conveyor belt, which transports it into a (tipping)container or on the concrete path. Instead of a containers, the material can also be driven out with a foliage fork.

The Bio Hopper is equipped with safetydoors. These safetydoors ensure that the winding of the canvas is fully shielded. Winding is only possible when the safetydoors are fully opened. This guarantees the safety of the operators!

The conveyor belt is extremely durable and reïnforced with steel bars. The steel bars ensure that an accidental damage to the belt has no influence on the strength of the belt, so you can always finish the job.

This crop rotation machine can be coupled behind a forklift for moving, is fed by means of a 32 Amp connection and is optionally available for various power supplies other than 400V @ 50Hz

Technical specifications:

Main dimensions in transport position LxWxH4945x 1750 x 1901 mmMax. length of transport mat 160 m
Gauge1000 mmHydraulic working pressure120-180 bar
Tire dimensions24.0×13.00-12 (2x)
Supply voltage12-24 VDC
Processing capacity3000-7500 m2/u (depending on circumstances)Weight1300 kg
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