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Ground cover

Types of ground cover

Royal Brinkman has ground covers in all shapes and sizes. These ground covers can be the solution to your problems. Ground covers can be used to reflect light. In addition, it is possible to fight weeds by using a ground cover. During the crop rotation a ground cover is also very useful. For example, old plants or flowers are removed from the paths with the help of special ground covers. In the assortment contains ground cover plants and ground cover flowers.

PhormiFlex is a ground cover to reflect light so that the plant can benefit fully from daylight and assimilation light, which is suitable for vegetable plants and flowers. Phormisol 100 and phormisol 137 are ground cover that are suitable for weed control, which is why they are ideal to use in the vegetable plant or flower cultivation. Read more about how to choose the right ground cover.
Besides a lot of knowledge about the different ground covers, the specialists of Royal Brinkman have knowledge about how to clean a ground cover. During the crop rotation the time for cleaning the ground cover has come. Our specialist will tell you more about how to do this.
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