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Greenhouse ground cover

Greenhouse ground covers provide a boundary between gravel and soil so weeds have no chance to grow. It provides a healthy balance of air, water and nutrient exchange, creating an optimal living environment for the crop. At Royal Brinkman, we offer a variety of ground covers.

Ground cover for horticulture

The use of ground cloth has several functions in horticulture, including:
  • Light reflection: in crops where maximum use is made of available light, white ground cloth is laid down to maximize the reflection of sunlight;
  • Weed control: in many crops ground cloth is placed on the ground in the greenhouse to prevent weeds from growing;
  • Crop rotation: during crop rotation, a ground cloth called a canopy drape is used. With the help of the cloth, the old crop is pulled out of the paths;
  • Cover: ground cloth is regularly used on cultivation tables. 
Royal Brinkman has various ground covers in it's assortment. When you want to buy ground cover, it is important to think about the application of the ground cover. For example, there is white ground cover Phormiflex and black ground cover Phormisol with diamonds or lines available. Moreover, the range of ground cloth also differs in strength. After all, ground cover can be used for protection on the one hand and for clearing the greenhouse on the other. Because of these different applications, we have different types of ground cover in our range. In addition, the ground cover is UV-stabilized, making it suitable for many applications in horticulture.

Types of ground cover

In our assortment you will find ground cloth from Phormisol and Phormiflex. Phorimisol is mainly suitable for average use of ground cloth. Phormisol 100 is a black ground cover with orange diamonds. This ground cloth is mainly used in the greenhouse to put plants on. In addition, it is also used as tallow protection. Phormisol 100 is available in various weights and dimensions. Moreover, the Phormisol 100 is UV-stabilized. In contrast, Phormisol 137 ground cloth is used for intensive use. The ground cloth is thicker than Phormisol 100 and is therefore suitable for intensive use for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Phormisol 137 is a black ground cover with green stripes and checks. Both ground covers are available in different lengths and widths.

Benefits of ground covering

  • Keeps greenhouse floor tidy, as well as weed and pest free
  • Fabric allows moisture to soak through
  • Cools the space that is being covered
  • Reduce moisture loss
  • Lightweight
  • No standing water left on the surface
  • Prevents germination of weeds
  • Helps to promote plant growth
  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through
  • U.V. stabilized and permeable
  • Ideal for greenhouse flooring

Buy ground cover

Are you planning to buy new ground cover, but don't know which type of ground cover is suitable for your cultivation situation? Then you have come to the right place at Royal Brinkman. Please contact one of our crop rotation specialists. They will be happy to advise you about the different possibilities of ground cover without any obligations. They will also be happy to advise you about the dimensions of the ground cover. 
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