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Nonwoven cloths (Fleece)

Horticultural frost cloths, also called horticultural fleece, protects plants in indoor and outdoor cultivation against frost. By using frost cloths you create a favourable climate for the crop, you acan harvest earlier during the season and you prevent pest from penetrating the crop. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of frost cloths on a roll.
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Frost cloths in horticulture

Frost cloths protects plants against frost and cold during the winter. In addition, it speeds up the growth of plants, making early harvesting possible. Horticultural frost cloths for plants offer you different kinds of advantages. For example, it provides forost protection for plants, reduces large and sudden temperature differences and protects against damage from wind, storm and driving rain. Frost cloths also reduces moisture loss, because the fleece insulates and breathes at the same time. Thanks to the low weight of the fleece, it does not damage the crop and protects the crop against pests. At Royal Brinkman you can buy a wide range of frost cloths on a roll; available in different widths, lengths and weights.

Create a microclimate with frost cloths

Under the frost cloths (horticultural fleece), where the crop is located, a so-called microclimate is created. The frost cloths retains heat under the cloths and ensures that the cold remains outside the frost cloths. When it freezes, the frost cloths offers a good isolation (igloo effect)

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