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Disinfectant mats

Disinfectant mats prevent the pentration of diseases and viruses into the crop. Disinfectant mats are suitable both for disinfecting your shoes and for disinfecting transport. At Royal Brinkman you can buy a wide range of disinfectant mats for people and transport.
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Disinfectant mats for personal use and transport

Disinfectant mats are available in different sizes. For example, you can choose between mats for personal use or transport. If you only need a disinfectant mat for cleaning shoes, then a disinfectant mat P is sufficient. If you want to buy a disinfection mat for transport, you can choose from the Flexxomat T. Moreover, if you want to have the disinfection mat refilled automatically? Then the disinfection mat with tunnel is the ideal solution. By using a tunnel, the mat is automatically filled with the disinfection agent. 

Cleaning disinfectant mats

After purchasing the right disinfectant mat, placing a disinfectant mat is not enough. To get the best results from the disinfectant mats, it is important that you maintain the disinfection mats properly. Our specialists wrote an article about the maintenance of a disfectant mat. In this way, you always make optimal use of a disinfectant mat and you prevent the intrusion of harmful pests and diseases. 

Menno Florades in combination with disinfectant mat

A common shoe disinfectant for horticulture in combination with a Flexxomat is Menno Florades. This is a disinfectant with an authorization as a crop protection product that fights all plant pathogens, but is not aggressive for the other materials with which it comes into contact. A good disinfectant makes the disinfectant mats distinguish from a shoe sanitizer mat, and makes it safe for use in horticulture. This way your shoes are effectively disinfected and you prevent diseases and pests from entering.

Buying disinfectant mats

To keep diseases out of the greenhouse a shoe desinfectant mat is used in many greenhouses. When buying a shoe disinfectant mat, it is important that you take into account a number of points of attention to get the best results. It sounds very logical, but we still often see this go wrong: disinfectant mats you can easily walk around it. When buying a disinfectant mat, think about this by choosing the right size, so people can't walk around the disinfectant mat. Our specialists have listed all the points of attention when purchasing a disinfectant mat for you.
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