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Film AC2000 Gold 005x425 flat perforated 20x20 300m

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Film AC2000 Gold 005x425 flat perforated 20x20 300m

Item no. 922532461
100m2 = 100 m2
roll = 1275 m2
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Protective film AC 2000 Gold

  • A clear anti-condensation film which lets through more light.
  • More light is more production
  • Through addition of EVA one reaches a higher tensile strength and also a higher energy saving
  • The film is easy to install : the anti-condensation addition is on both sides so never a mistake
  • Fire retardant in accordance to NTA8825/K4
  • The film can be provided with various perforations 10 x 10; 20 x 10; 20 x 15; 20 x 20; 40 x 20; 40 x 40 (most common perforation = 20 x 20)
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