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Bubble wrap 400cm 3 layer 50m

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Bubble wrap 400cm 3 layer 50m

Item no. 300004512
100m2 = 100 m2
roll = 200 m2
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Effective insulation of boxes requires a versatile material with specific properties: Pillosol is a clear, flexible insulation wrapper of three layers of polyethylene with air cushions.
Optimally insulating, high light transmitting, extremely durable and extremely economical. Gas consumption per m? Glass wall decreases by 30 to 40 % while using pillosol.

Pillosol is produced from Polyethylene (PE) and is considered to be less environmentally harmfull than raw materials. It can be fully recycled for the production of equivalent products. Pillosol is supplied in 6 standard widths: 1.20-1.50-2.00-2.40-300-350-400 cm width 50 meters. On a roll. 

Confirmation is possible onthe inside and the outside of the greenhouse wall. Applying this insulation does not lead to stagnation of your business, because the Pollisol can be attached to the outside of the greenhouse. There are special Thermoclip fasteners attached to the glass with silicone cement. They anchor the film windproof and also allow the use of metal or plastic wire.

Long lifespan
Pillosol insulation film is strong, tough and UV stabilized. If the confirmation is done correctly, it lasts for years. Pillosol is a clear, flexible, three-layer polyethylene insulation film with air cushions. High-light transmition and extremely durable. It is strong, tough and UVstabilized and can last for years.

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