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Spray overall microgard size L

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Spray overall microgard size L

Item no. 385002734
box = 35 piece(s)
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Microgard overall 2500 Standard, model 111, white

  • Microgard 2500 is a unique material that is very good mechanical
    provides strength, protection against liquids and dust particles. Reaches
    the highest ratings for protection against infectious agents,
    in accordance with EN 14126:2003 and ASTM F 1671 for penetration of
    blood, body fluids and pathogens transmitted by blood.
  • Water vapour permeable to help reduce the risk of heat stress
  • Antistatic
  • Low lint formation, reduces the risk of contamination in critical environments
  • Thumb loops to prevent movement of the sleeve when working overhead
  • Hood (3-piece) designed to optimally fit respiratory equipment
  • Elastic band at hood, wrists, waist and ankles
  • 2-way front zipper with reclosable over flap
  • This overall complies with the following standards: EN 14605 (Type 4B)/EN ISO 13982-1 (Type 5B)/EN 13034 (Type 6B)/EN 14126/EN 1073-2/EN 1149-1
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