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Sticky traps rolls and sheets

Sticky trap rolls and sheets are available in blue and yellow sticky traps. Yellow sticky traps are suitable to attract whiteflies, aphids, moths, leafhoppers and leafminers, while blue sticky traps are more effective against thrips.
  • Tips on how to detect, monitor and trap pests with sticky traps

    The importance of detecting and identifying pests in time cannot be underestimated. The sooner a pest is detected and identified, the sooner you can begin the process of trapping it with yellow sticky traps. By monitoring developments as they unfold on sticky trap rolls and/or trap sheets.

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  • How do you secure a sticky trap holder?

    Sticky tape roll is often used for identifying pests in crop. But putting it in the right place seems to be a hard task for a lot of people. The sticky trap holders ease this process. They enable you to move the yellow sticky trap tape along with the growing crop.

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Sticky traps such as yellow sticky traps

Monitoring and mass-trapping of flying insects is essential to avoid pests and diseases in your crop from getting out of control. Sticky traps are an easy tool to help you catch flying insects and monitor the level of plagues in your greenhouse. There are some differences in the sticky trap range. Sticky trap sheets are used to identify and count flying insects. The Sticky Trap rolls are used for mass-trapping of flying insects.

Sticky rolls as sticky traps

Sticky trap rolls have been developed to detect and capture pests and insects over a large area in the greenhouse. The sticky rolls are available in different sizes and colours. There are also sticky rolls in the range with a pattern and attractant, which increases the number of thrips caught away.

Sticky sheets as sticky traps

The sticky traps stick to two sides, which gives you twice the chance to catch insects. The glue used is very user-friendly. It is a very powerful glue that holds the captured insects very well, but does not stick to the fingers. Furthermore, the glue sheets are covered by easy to remove paper strips. sticky traps sheets can be hung in different ways in the greenhouse. The sticky traps come in two colours: blue and yellow sticky traps. The sticky traps are fitted with pockets to facilitate counting in case of high pest pressure. Yellow sticky traps have a great attraction on aphids, leafminers, whiteflies, sciarids and thrips. The blue sticky traps are specially developed to catch thrips.

Sticky trap holders for sticky rolls and sticky sheets

Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of products for attaching sticky traps and rolls. With the use of the holders, the tape can easily be clamped and the performance of the tape remains optimal. 
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