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Substrate slabs and Grodan rockwool

Grodan rockwool, also known as substrate slabs, are intended for substrate cultivation in professional horticulture. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of Grodan rockwool; there is a rockwool slab available for every crop.
  • Which substrate is suitable for my crop?

    Which substrate slab or Grodan rockwool slab is suitable for your cultivation? And what is the difference between these slabs? Our specialist tells you more about it in this article.

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  • How do I install new substrate mats?

    In many cases, a new crop cycle start with a new substrate slab. It is important that you install the new substrate slabs, Grodan rockwool or Grodan cubes in the right way, to get the best possible start. Our specialist gives tips.

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  • What are the risks of reusing substrate slabs?

    During crop rotation, most growers choose to practically empty the entire greenhouse, as well as remove the substrate slabs or Grodan rockwool slabs. However, there are also growers who, for economic reasons, opt to reuse the substrate slabs. Note that this does involve various risks.

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Grodan rockwool in horticulture

Every grower has his own preference for a specific substrate slab or Grodan rockwool. Growing in Grodan rockwool depends on the crop, cultivation system and strategy and the wish for a wet or dry rockwool slabs. In addition, Grodan rockwool slabs are available for vegetable cultivation, ornamental horticulture and plant cultivation. Moreover, some substrate slabs are used for multiple use, while others are used once only. Our specialists therefore wrote an article about choosing the right substrate slab or Grodan rockwool slab. 

Growing in Grodan rockwool slabs

Growing in Grodan rockwool slabs have several advantages. Growing on rockwool gives you more control over the growth of the crop. In addition, rockwool holds water well, it is lighter and cleaner than growing in soil. Grodan substrate slabs are each tailored to your wishes and needs.

Use of rockwool slabs

When you want to use new substrate slabs or Grodan rockwool slabs again, it is important that you take into account a number of points of attention. This way you have to place the rockwool slabs in the right way. It is also important that after placing the Grodan rockwool slabs, you make drainage holes in the slab to drain out the surplus Our specialists wrote an article for making drain holes in new rockwool slabs or substrate slabs
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