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Grodan Grofit

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Grodan Grofit

Item no. 260300209
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Modern Gerbera cultivation requires the utmost of plant and substrate. This requires a crop medium with excellent air / water balance and wide control range. Which retains its strucutre for a long time.The Grodan Grofit is extremely suitable for this. The gerberas quickly develop a strong root system, which makes them easier and more vital to develop a year round performance.

– Luchtige onderlaag (Grocube 1x1x1 cm) with a solid top layer
– Multi-year slab
– Inert hydrophilic fibre technology
– Uniform water distribution troughout the slab
– High re-saturation capacity

- Strong growth, vegetative start
- Fast rooting and path growth
- Control during all seasons
- Easier harvesting because of strong disc
- Sustainable use of water and nutrients

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