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Grodan Vitaflor

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Grodan Vitaflor

Item no. 260300162
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GRODAN Vitaflor is a reliable, sturdy slab for the professional rose grower. The slab owes its benefits to the Next Generation fibre technology used in it. This ensures even distribution of water, nutrients and oxygen, both inside each slab and between slabs. Root penetration is also noticeably better. This results in a more vigorous crop with better growing power.

– Multi-year slab, specially developed for rose growing
– Sturdy, UV-resistant foil for multi-year use
– Sturdiest slab thanks to improved fibre structure
– Resaturation capacity 70% (from 50% after day 1)
– Good water distribution throughout the whole slab, including at the top

- Easy irrigation for rapid drainage
- Long lifecycle
- Vigorous, uniform crop
- Replenishes fast
- Sustainable use of water and nutrients

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