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Grodan Grotop Master

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Grodan Grotop Master

Item no. 260300065
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Besides the standard 7,5 cm slab height there's also the Grotop Master of 10 cm height. The Grotop Master is becoming more popular. The unique fibre structure provides complete and finely branched root system.  In combination with the smooth resaturation and perfect controllability on water content (Wc) and EC the crop can perform during periods of both high and low irradiance.  The Grotop Master is 10 cm high and therefore perfect for precision growing: Precision growing helps you to control the climate, and root environment for maximum crop return with an efficient use of water and nutritive.

Grotop Master 10 cm high is ideal to realize generative or vegetative responses by controlling the root environment and greenhouse climate. Our experience proves that this gives the biggest return. In combination with the Plantop Delta block it gives complete control over the plant balance throughout the growing season. In comparison with the Grotop Master the Grotop Master 10 cm high is even better for illuminated crops and application on uneven soil profiles and existing (narrow) gutters.

Product specifications

  • Single-season slab
  • Unique dual density structure
  • Inert hydrophilic fibre (NGS) technology
  • High re-saturation capacity, 72% (Saturates from 50–72% in a single day)
  • Uniform water distribution throughout the slab


  • Optimal control
  • Maximises climate management
  • Outstanding crop uniformity
  • Robust and vigorous plants
  • Sustainable water and nutrients use

Next Generation 2.0

The Grotop Master 10 cm high  is transformed to the Next Generation 2.0, which follows up to the Next Generation. This has several advantages:

  • The water is distributed more uniformly. The crop makes better use of the total substrate volume
  • New roots are created continuuously which creates a healthier and more vigorous crop environment throughout the season

»Which substrate slab is suitable for my cultivation

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