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Biodegradable film

Biodegradable film, or biological film, is mainly used for greenhouse applications and outdoor crops - especially summer crops. The choice for biodegradable film depends on the following sizes: ''Thickness 15 micron'' x ''Width standard in cm''''Length standard in cm''.

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Biological film in horticulture

The black/white biological film has several features: including high moisture resistance and- elasticity. In addition, the black side ensures that weeds cannot grow under the biofoil. The white side reflects the light making it less warm under the film. 

Biodegradable films at Royal Brinkman

Many different types of films are used in horticulture. For example, a film can have the function of darkening or insulating. That is why it is sometimes difficult to choose the right biological film for your crop. Our specialist will explain the various functions in the article 'Which film is the most suitable for your cultivation?' and will help you make the right choice in films and biodegradable films.
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