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Black Film

26 product(s) found
 Item no.TitleDescription  
915010755 Drain Film Black 010x75 pl 500m
913210013 Film black 002x100 flat 100m
913216011 Film black 002x160 flat 100m
913216501 Film black 002x160 flat 250m
913220019 Film black 002x200 flat 100m
913236012 Film black 002x360 folded 100m
913312096 Film black 003x120 flat 1000m
913315095 Film black 003x150 flat 1000m
913515019 Film black 005x150 flat 100m
913520012 Film black 005x200 folded 100m
913530018 Film black 005x300 folded 100m
913540013 Film black 005x400 folded 100m
913560014 Film black 005x600 folded 100m
913120057 Film black 010x200 folded 50m
913130052 Film black 010x300 folded 50m
913140058 Film black 010x400 folded 50m
913160059 Film black 010x600 folded 50m
926891057 Film black 015x1000 folded 50m
926892053 Film black 015x1200 folded 50m
926894056 Film black 015x1400 folded 50m
926896059 Film black 015x1600 folded 50m
913060054 Film black 015x600 folded 50m
926880055 Film black 015x800 folded 50m
926890077 Film black 015x900 folded 50m
926991051 Film black 020x1000 folded 50m
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