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Cucurbit grafting clips

For grafting of the Cucurbits (cucumber, (water)melon and zucchini) Brinkman has designed special grafting clips for top grafting and for approximation grafting. With the top grafting often is grafted on one cotyledon whereby the normal grafting clips, used for example tomato, are not ideal. The special grafting clips for cucurbit top grafting have more space for the cotyledon. The strong rootstocks require also a grafting clip with sufficient strength to keep the rootstock and scion good together. For the approximation grafting different grafting clips are available with sufficient space for rootstock and scion and sufficient strength to keep them together. The cucurbit grafting clips are available in the colors transparent, blue, green, yellow and red.

Entclips for cucumber species

For cucurbit such as cucumber, zucchini and (water) melon there are two grafting methods that are used: the approximation grafting or the top grafting (also known as the Japanese grafting method). For both methods there are different grafting clips available. 

Approximation grafting for cucurbit

When using the approximation grafting method, you can choose between the PS2 or PS3 grafting clip:
  • PT2: this grafting clip is available in size 10 mm.
  • PT3: this is by far the most sold clip for the approach tent. This clip is available in sizes S, M and L.

Top grafting /Japanese grafting method

To apply the top grafting (or Japanese grafting method) you can use the PS1 or PS7 grafting clip. Both grafting clips have enough power to hold the grafted plants together well, without the stick support. This saves labour and materials.
  • PS1: suitable for different stem thicknesses and available in size 7 mm.
  • PS7: especially suitable for smaller stem thicknesses and available in size 6 mm. This is by far the most commonly used grafting clip for copying cucumbers.

Buying grafting clips for cucumbers

Grafting clips  are available in different types and sizes. Would you like advice about the possibilities of grafting clips? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days. Our specialists also wrote an article to support you in your choice of grafting clips.
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