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Brinkman grafting clip PT8 1,5 mm (42.000)

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Brinkman grafting clip PT8 1,5 mm (42.000)

Item no. 792000841
box = 42000 piece(s)
pallet = 50 box
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Royal Brinkman has designed complete lines of grafting clips for all horticultural crops. The growing conditions of seedlings depend strongly on the light conditions and temperature. In northern countries with winter planting the seedlings are normally softer and longer and in the southern countries with a warmer (Mediterranean) climate, with high light intensities and higher temperature the seedlings are shorter and harder. Under these different growing conditions also different grafting clips are required.

On demand the grafting clips can be delivered in different colors (transparent, red, green, yellow and blue) this can make it easier to distinguish for example clip size, varieties or lots grafted at the same time.

PT8: soft and flexible clip with stick slot and very smooth grip

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For more information or other horticultural products please contact your Royal Brinkman area manager or contact Royal Brinkman International royal@brinkman.com, T. +31 174 - 446 100. More information is also available at www.brinkman.com

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