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Klaver capillary mat 200 gr 165cm75m

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Klaver capillary mat 200 gr 165cm75m

Item no. 951018159
roll = 123,75 m2
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When water distribution is the most important reason the choose to use a capillary mat, the Klavermat is the ultimate option. This mat is made of 100% synthetic fibres, which are unused, clean and are selected after a strict inspection before the production of the Klavermat. This capillary mat is available in three different qualities, the 125 grams ( water absorption 1 ltr/m2), 200 grams ( water absorption 2,1 ltr/m2) and the 300 grams (3,2 ltr/m2). The most important specifications of the Klavermat are:  

- 100% synthetic fibres  
- Large water capacity
- High speed of water absorption
- Good conductivity
- Remarkeable homogeneity
- No increase of EC and/or pH level
- High breaking strength
- High capillary take-off
- No shrinkage in width direction
- Doesn’t curl
- Distinctive grey colour
- Always attached the horticultural fleece 

Suppliable in 125, 200 and 300 grams for inside and outside crops (outside crops particularly the 125 gram). Klaver mat has a long life cycle : depending on the circumstances 5 to 7 years. Also suppliable, with anti-algae-film included. The water-retaining power is from 1 to around 3 litres per m2. The Klaver mat is stitched to the covering film. Roll length 75 m.

Gr/m²width (cm)

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