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BWM capillary mat 105cm 40m 300g

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BWM capillary mat 105cm 40m 300g

Item no. 951010123
roll = 42 m2
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The oldest capillary mat in our assortment is our BWM Super. This capillary mat is made of used fibres.  The quality is 300 grams, is attached on horticultural fleece and can absorb 3.2 litre per square meter. Because of the attachment on the horticultural fleece, the mat is more homogeneous in terms of fibres and therefore extra strong. Besides, the layer on top of the horticultural fleece on the BWM mat ensures that the underlying fibres stays clean, what results in a mat which will be less polluted. The BWM is a capillary mat, which stays continuously wet, thus very applicable for cultivations in which the water should be retention. The life cycle of the BWM capillary mat varies on the level of use of the mat between the 2 and 5 years. 

TG super

Irrigation mats suitable for crop watering inside and outside, widths of 10 cm
to around 5 meter. Can also be supplied with anti-algae film included.
* 300 gram per m2
* stitched to covering film

length per roll (m) width (cm) article no.

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