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BWM capillary mat 185cm 40m 300g

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BWM capillary mat 185cm 40m 300g

Item no. 951010239
roll = 74 m2
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The BWM irrigation mat is a standard irrigation mat that is produced with 100% recycled synthetic fibres. The product is free of natural fibres, that could easily rot or cause fungi.

The BWM irrigation mat offers a high water capacity in combination with the low capillary action. The BWM irrigation mat is an excellent choice for farms that renew their crop system every year, given the relatively low investment costs and the optimal result. The BWM irrigation mat is also very suitable for use in gutter systems and on presentation tables

The BWM irrigation mat can be equipped with ground cover and/or anti algae foil. Besides the convenience this leads to a saving of construction costs.

The water capacity is a very important factor. The BWM irrigation mat all consist of a high water capacity. The grower doesn’t need to water very often, has a high humidity and a good protection against dehydration.

For an optimal result we recommend you to go through the user manual before you start using the irrigation mat.

Operating instructions

  • When mounting a plurality of strips / jobs next to each other, must be taken into account with an overlap of at least 5 to 10 cm.
  • Before taking the irrigation mats in use it is recommended that these mats completely wetting using your irrigation system. The weight of the irrigation mat will go out and be folded and covered imperfections.
  • The new irrigation system (consisting of ground foil and ground cover, irrigation mat and anti-algae foil) need about two months to fully stabilize. During this period, the operation is still not entirely constant and optimal. Make sure you are aware of this.
  • From the moment the irrigation mat is wet, never let it dry up completely. The possibility is in fact that chemicals are present and / or other substances out of the system begin to deposit in the irrigation mat. This will influence the function and the lifespan of the irrigation mat severely.
  • It is recommended to keep the irrigation mat slightly wet during cultivation changes. This facilitates the start-up of the culture and ensures a smooth and steady water delivery from the mat.
  • Irrigation mats that are not used immediately, please keep in a cool, dry place.

Technical specifications

Fibre compositionRecycling fibres
Weight (gr/m2)30010%
Thickness (mm)3-410%
Width (cm)185max.
Breaking strength (kg/cm2)LR-dry5,0
Breaking strength (kg/com2)BR-dry 5,0
Breaking strength (kg/cm2)LR-wet5,0
Breaking strength (kg/cm2) BR-dry5,0
Absorption capability (ltr/m2)3max.
Standard rol length 402%

Why irrigation mats?
An irrigation mat divides and buffers the water evenly over potted plants and can be seen as the last phase between nature and technology during the cultivation. A good function of the mat is essential for the end result of the cultivation.

A irrigation mat offers various advantages.

  • Watering from below, as a result a good root development occurs in the pot.
  • The watering of the crops can take place without any complicated and expensive pipelines.
  • Flexibility, multiple varieties of potted plants can be cultivated on 1 type of mat.
  • Good accessibility, which leads to a quick crop rotation.
  • Less evaporation of water.
  • Low investment costs
  • Relatively low maintenance to the system.

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