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Steamhose 4" EDPM-Synthetic div.

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Steamhose 4" EDPM-Synthetic div.

Item no. 955002449
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TypeFire fighter hose Synthetic special 500
ResistanceEDPM – compound , inside = heat resistant -/- 40 up to + 100 degrees
Working pressureMaximal 17 Ato working pressure and 50 Ato bursting pressure 
Weight550 gram per m1
Lengths available x 20 m1,  40 m1, 60 m1, 80 m1 and 100 m1 and any residual pieces (various lengths in consulation)

O Inside (mm):   102
O Flat (mm):   160
Weight (g/m):   587
WD (bar):   13
BD (bar):   40

  • Inside wall of EDPM
  • Inlay made of 100% polyester yarn
  • Smooth PU coated outerior
  • Better resistant to oil and chemicals and wear than other uncoated hoses
  • Very flexible
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