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Culvita Potgrond Universeel (2800) 40ltr

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Culvita Potgrond Universeel (2800) 40ltr

Item no. 280100340
pallet = 70 bag
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Culvita universal potting soil is the standard for many applications.

Which is appropriate or not appropriate
Culvita potting soil universal can be used for practically all indoor and outdoor plants. This product is not suitable for acid loving plants. For these plants culvita potting soil for acid-loving plants

Loosen the root ball moist an knock the plant on the pot. Remove loose soil. Use clean ppots. Clean the new pot and put some water in it, it is advisable to apply a layer of Culvita Hydro grains into the pot to improve the drainage. Leave a shard onthe floor opening, sprinkle a layer of soil on the root ball. Press the whole lighlty. Along the edge press firmly. Provide water as needed. This compost can be used all year taking into account the specific characteristics of the plant

Make sure the root ball and soil in the pot never dry out completely. Parched potting takes up water harder.

Culvita ensures the quality of this product. This is composed of quality raw materials. Quality is regularly checked by external laboratories. Culvita Potting soil has been used to full satisfaction for years by professional breeders and many other plant lovers.

Packaging: 40 liter

Culvita Universal potting soil is made up of the best types of peat, mixed to an optimal growth medium. Nutrients come from a special NPK fertilizer wit htrace elements, balanced diet for 6 week. In order to achieve the correct pH value is added lime.

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