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Vermiculite is a sterile mineral that has a great capacity for water and moisture retention. Royal Brinkman offers a range of different vermiculite products to improve the soil in professional greenhouse horticulture.
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Functions vermiculite granules

Vermiculite is a mineral rock that expands like a harmonica when heated. This results in a very light grain with a high moisture holding capacity. This moisture then slowly releases the horticultural vermiculite again.  

The moisture-holding capacity ensures that the irrigation water is retained and as a result nutrients are rinsed out much less quickly. The soil structure also remains airy and oxygen-rich, so that plants can easily create roots. Furthermore, horticultural vermiculite is often used as a scattering agent to germinate seeds, or as a propagation medium for bulbs.

You must have heard of perlite, but what is the difference between vermiculite and perlite? Our specialists have listed the differences for you.

Buying horticultural vermiculite

For buying vermiculite granules you can visit royalbrinkman.com. The granules are available in different granule sizes:

Vermiculite 1: 0-1.5 mm.
Vermiculite 2: 0-3 mm. This is used for the spreading of flower seeds, to promote the germination of the seeds.
Vermiculite 3: 0-5 mm. This is used for spreading vegetable seeds and for mixing in potting soil.
Vermiculite 4: 0-10 mm. This is used in bulb propagation during packaging.
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