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Tomato Hook HD-type 180mm - without twine

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Tomato Hook HD-type 180mm - without twine

Item no. 791980022
box = 1024 piece(s)
pallet = 48 box
pallet = 49152 piece(s)
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Tomato Hook HD-type 180mm, also known as high wire hooks, are essential in horticulture. Tomato hooks help you to bring the crop to the optimum working height and to tie young plants faster. The tomato hooks are 180mm and hangs from your overhead support wire. You order the high wire hooks without twine, also known as a bare hook. Suitable to wrap itself in a winding machine. There are several ways to wind a rope on the hook.


There are a number of advantages to using high-wire hooks in a greenhouse:

  • Easier work for growers;
  • Help the crop grow;
  • Faster recognition of side shoots;
  • Saves time.

The tomato hook 180mm (we also have 220mm) is for growers with relatively low greenhouses or crops that grow slowly. If you are looking for tomato hooks that are suitable for higher greenhouses, for cucumber cultivation or for other fast growing crops, the 220mm high wire hooks are the best for you. In the article "How do you choose the right tomato hook?" you can read more about this.

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