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Valent HD-Hook (without free fall)

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Valent HD-Hook (without free fall)

Item no. 999701187
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Because every greenhouse is different, we offer you 2 options to find the right hook for your crop. A specialist is available to answer all your questions and give you advice. Your specialist will do his best to answer all questions as quickly as possible. The other option is to use our hook configurator to find out what hooks are most suitable for you. The tomato and other vegetable hook configurator is for customers who have ordered high wire hooks from Royal Brinkman before and for growers who know exactly which hooks they need. Above all: your personal account manager is available for any questions, and will make the custom made quotation for you.

Valent HD Hook (without free fall)

The HD hook is a high-wire hook with only one magazine. This high wire hook does not have a free fall and is usually hung later "in between" the other hooks for the thief, where the length of twine to the thief is limited. In this case, all the twine is on the hook and must be manually unwound to the correct length when hung.

Benefits at a glance

  • Suitable for winding yourself on a winding machine.
  • Available in 2 sizes 180 and 220 mm                             
  • Good to combine with Bio Valent and Valent twine


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