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Substrates and Accessories

Horticultural substrates and other accessories are a fundamental part of the growth of a crop. At Royal Brinkman you will find a wide range of substrate mats and other products that are still available during substrate cultivation.

Horticultural substrates and accessories

Substrate cultivation is a major part of professional horticulture. In our range of substrates you will find the following products:
  • Substrate slabs: substrate mats or slabs are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In addition, our range of horticultural substrates includes substrates for vegetable cultivation, ornamental horticulture and propagation. All substrate mats come from the renowned substrate supplier Grodan.
  • Substrate trays: substrate trays are often used in vegetable and floriculture. These bins are often placed on the ground or on the cultivation gutter. Substrate mats are then placed in the trays;
  • Cultivation gutters: in addition to the sale of horticultural substrates and containers, Royal Brinkman also offers custom-made cultivation gutters for use in greenhouses. 
  • Plant hole cutters and potting knives: when using substrate mats, you first need to make plant holes in the mats. You can do this with the help of a plant hole cutter. At the end of the crop rotation you have to cut the plant pots loose from the substrate. With the use of a pot cutter you can easily cut off the rockwool pots from the mat.
  • Other horticultural substrates: in addition to the Grodan substrates, Royal Brinkman also offers Jiffy pots and Growcubes.

Buying horticultural substrates and accessories

Planning to buy horticultural substrates and other accessories? Then Royal Brinkman is the right place for you. At royalbrinkman.com you can order your required products quickly and easily. Do you have any questions? Please contact our specialist from Crop Rotation. Do you want to reuse substrate slabs? Then it is advised to read our Knowledge center article about the focus areas of reusing substrate slabs.
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