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Tomato truss support

Tomato truss support clips are used in professional greenhouse to support fruit trusses and ensure crop quality. First trusses can be kinked easily because of its heigh weight. Truss arches can be applied to prevent them from kinking. Royal Brinkman offers a broad range of truss support clips for professional horticulture
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Truss support for tomato plants

Truss support is used in professional tomato cultivation to prevent the tomato cluster from kinking or breaking. The plastic truss support clips have the shape of a half moon and are open. After planting the tomato plants, the first trusses will appear in a few weeks. These trusses are very vulnerable and cannot handle the weight of the truss when fruits are growing. With the help of a tomato truss arch you offer support and prevent the truss from kinking. A truss arch is applied when the tomato cluster contains flowering flowers. Then the truss arches are placed around the stem of the truss. In this way, you ensure better fruit quality and higher yields. The flextruss is a flexible truss arch which provides an easy way of clipping the tomato stem trusses.

Different types of truss arches

No stem of the a tomato cluster is the same or has the same thickness. Therefore, Royal Brinkman offers different types of arches in its assortment. In our assortment you will find uniform truss arches - like the Flextruss tomato arch. In addition, you will also find truss support in 5 or 6 mm format. On top of that, you can choose from different kind of colours. The quantity you need per plant depends on your growing conditions, regarding country and type of tomatoes you grow. Please contact one of our specialist to get specific information about your growing conditions. 

What customers say about Tomato Truss Support

Dutch growers RedStar uses the Flextruss truss support in their greenhouses. They use year-round the truss support clips to support the tomato clusters. They are very positive about the use of the product and they impressed about the flexibility of the product. Do you want to know more about their experiences. Then read their customer experience regarding tomato truss support

Buy tomato truss support clips

Truss support for tomato plants is available in various types and sizes. Would you like to get advice about the possibilities of truss support? We offer very competitive prices against high-quality truss support clips. Please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours on working days. In addition to truss arches, various tomato clips are used to support the tomato plant. Our specialists wrote an article about the different types of clips for supporting tomato plants.

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