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Flextruss Truss Arch Black 19000

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Flextruss Truss Arch Black 19000

Item no. 792001680
box = 19000 piece(s)
1000 pcs = 1000 piece(s)
pallet = 24 box
pallet = 456000 piece(s)
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Flextruss truss arch black 19000

The quality of the first tomato cluster on a tomato plant is often of lower quality as a result of damage due to kinking. When the entire truss of the tomato plants grows, the total weight is so great that the stem of the vine tomato tends to buckle. Kinked truss can cause fungi, such as Botrytis. To prevent the truss from snapping, Royal Brinkman offers the Flextruss truss support clip in its assortment. This flexible truss arch has the advantage that it can be applied with the fingers and can therefore be easily and quickly placed on the stem of the tomato cluster. Because of its good flexibility, it can also be placed on a (still) young, straight stem. The Flextruss truss support provides good support for the truss; this truss bracket is also open on both sides due to a clever spine design. The most important advantage of the Flextruss is the flexibility of the truss support, which greatly decreases the labour time during clipping.

  • One-fits-all-size design adapted to most branches’ sizes and varieties
  • Flexible design allowing to be installed straight, avoiding thus to force the branch
  • Self-adaptive flexible back‐bone which adapts naturally to the growth of the branch and fruits
  • Rounded edges and legs, with optimal positioning of the branch and less risks of damages
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