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Valent Twine 1/1500 yellow 6 kg

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Valent Twine 1/1500 yellow 6 kg

Item no. 952022234
spool = 6 kg
pallet = 960 kg
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Valent Twine yellow 6 kg (9000m)

1/1500 = 1 kg is about 1500 meter

Valent Twine is perfect for your high wire hooks in the tomato, cucumber, eggplant and pepper cultivation. Valent twine is strong and doesn't absorb moisture, which decreases the breaking chance of the twine.


  • Strong support for your plant
  • Ideally sutied for free fall which saves labor
  • Made of high quality synthetic fiber polypropylene
  • UV treated, standard for 12 months
  • Flexible and soft for the plants and the employees
  • Doesn't absorb moisture
  • Other thicknesses and colours available

» Pick the right twine for your cultivation

Klew / spools are only sold per full bulb of approx. 6 kg.

Technical Specifications

UV stabilizer220 kLyElongation7 - 12 %
Average breaking strength*27 kgMaterialPP
Minimum breaking strength*24 kgApprox. spool weight6 kg
Number of times twisted33 - 37Approx. spool length*9.000 mtr

* All values concern twine straight from the spool only

Tip: Allow the twine to acclimate to the temperature of the greenhouse for optimal use.

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