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Jute Twine

Jute twine consists of natural viscose and is often used in the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. Royal Brinkman offers various types of jute twine for professional horticulture, including three, four, five and six wire jute twines.
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Jute twine

Besides standard twine, you can also choose jute Cordenka twine for standard hooks. This twine consists of one thread of jute intertwined with some threads of cordenka. The twine comes from natural viscose, a synthetic fibre, which makes it completely biodegradable. If you want to know what exactly is the difference between jute twine and other types of twine, read the article "What is the difference between PLA twine, polypropylene twine, jute twine and jute cordenka twine?" written by our specialists.  

Use of jute twine

Jute rope can only be used with V hooks and HD hooks. Jute twine is suitable for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. The jute twine has a high minimum breaking force, but this decreases during cultivation in the greenhouse. 

Buying jute twine

Are you planning on buying jute twine? Keep the breaking force in mind and let one of our specialists advise you.

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