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Tomato Twine

Tomato twine is a strong twine that absorbs little moisture and is extremely suitable for use in free fall. Tomato twine is also soft and flexible, so plants are less likely to be damaged. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of tomato twines.
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Tomato twine - Valent twine

Tomato twine is made of Valent twine, a twine that has been twisted together and is used in various crops. Valent Twine is used in tomato cultivation and will easily complete a growing season without a break in the twine. The tomato twine is a strong support for the tomato plant and is suitable for the use of free fall, which saves labour. The tomato twine is standard 12 months UV treated, flexible and available in different thicknesses and colors. Tomato twine can be used in combination with high wire hooks to bind tomatoes. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of different tomato hooks. The right type of tomato rope depends on the type of tomato cultivation in your greenhouse. Our specialists have written an article in which they explain how to choose the right twine for high wire hooks.

Types of tomato twine

In addition to the different colours and thicknesses in which tomato twine is available, the choice of twine material is also very important. At Royal Brinkman you will find tomato twine made of various materials:
  • Polypropylene twine: a non-biodegradable twine, made of plastic material. This tomato twine, the Valent twine, does not absorb moisture, so there is no risk of twine breakage. 
  • Jute twine: Jute a twine made from the plant Corchorus. The bast fibres of this twine are long and soft and can be used to make strong threads. This twine is generally suitable for growing green beans, cucumbers and melons. 
  • Bio valent twine: This twine is 100% organic compostable and is made of high quality PLA. There are several types of organic twine, but Bio Valent twine is the strongest. It also absorbs the least moisture, which reduces the risk of twine breakage and fungus.
Would you like more information about the different materials? Please contact one of our specialists or read the article about the different types of twine. 

How to string tomatoes in greenhouse?

Tomato plants can grow upwards, which makes the plant very heavy and the stem is not strong enough to carry the plant. It is therefore important for tomato plant support to tie up the tomatoes with tomato twine and accompanying tomato clips before damage to the plant occurs. For tomato plant support you can choose from our range of tomato twine and tomato clips. 

Buy tomato twine

When buying the right tomato twine it is important that you always get good advice. Do you want tailored advice? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

Do you want to test the tomato twine first?

Request a free product sample! Royal Brinkman knows how hard it is to make the right desicion between many products. To help you make the right choice, Royal Brinkman offers to send a sample for a selection of our products to our customers. A product sample enables you to check whether the products fits your needs before deciding to buy it.

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