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Valent Twine

Valent twine is strong and does not absorb moisture, which prevents the risk of twine breakage. Valent twine is made of synthetic polypropylene. In general, synthetic fibre twine (in comparison with natural fibres) is: Stronger, does not absorb moisture and therefore does not become heavier, is easy to handle and cannot be affected by bacteria. The Valent twine is available in the sizes 1/1000, 1/1200 and 1/1500. The variant 1/1000 Valent twine is the strongest choice: 1 kilo of Valent twine gives 1000 meters of rope. Depending on the crop, the best choice can be made in terms of load-bearing capacity. Tip: do not only look at the price but also at the specifications before you make a choice!
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Valent twine

Valent rope is a strong rope that does not absorb moisture, therefore there is less chance of rope breakage. It is a twine suitable for multiple crops. Think of tomato, eggplant, paprika and cucumber cultivation. The rope is made of synthetic fiber polypropylene, synthetic fibers are (compared to natural fibers) stronger. Because the rope does not absorb moisture the rope does not become heavy and is easy to handle. Valent rope is available in different sizes (1/1000, 1/1200 and 1/1500). The 1/1000 Valent rope variety is the strongest choice: 1 kilo of Valent rope gives 1000 meters of rope. Depending on the crop you can make the best choice in terms of carrying capacity. Tip: also look at the specifications of the product before making a choice!

Colors of Valent twine

In addition to different thicknesses, you can choose from different colors of Valent rope. Colored rope is mainly used for holding on to the extra thief or interplant, so that it is easily recognized. It is possible to have the hooks delivered alternately with different colors in one box.

Valent twine versus high wire hooks

In addition to Valent rope, there are other types of rope that can be wound onto the high-wire hook. The crop, the maximum plant load and the amount of UV light in the greenhouse determine the type of rope for high-wire hooks. Our specialists have written an article explaining how to choose the right twine

Buy Valent twine

At Royal Brinkman you can find various types of Valent rope. Would you like more information about the possibilities of the rope? Then contact one of our specialists, without obligation. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days. 

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