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bamboo U-arc 90x15x90 (10-12)

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bamboo U-arc 90x15x90 (10-12)

Item no. 613009154
bale = 100 piece(s)
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Tonkin U-shapes will last for the duration of your plant's life. Thanks to the hard outer shell, they are highly moisture-resistant, making them able to withstand all weather types. Our tonkin u-shapes can be used to shape plants while they grow, thereby enhancing their natural beauty. They are particularly suitable for use with arch-shaped Sundavilles, which are fantastic climbing plants with colourful trumpet-shaped flowers. Tonkin U-shapes can also be used to support or decorate other plants, such as potted plants on balconies or roof terraces. For many people, growing vegetables has shifted from a popular trend to an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Tonkin U-shapes are extremely useful for vegetable growing, as they have been proven to provide excellent support to a wide range of vegetable plants.

Discover how tonkin U-shapes can improve your vegetables and outdoor plants:

  • All sizes and types are available on request
  • Comes in natural as standard, with other colours available on request
  • Painted, natural, and/or pointed
  • Partial plastic coating is available for a longer lifespan
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