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Horticultural crop wire

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Assortment crop wire

You can choose from two kind of crop wires: galvanized wire and Crapal wire. Both wires have their own advantages. It is important to have the right thickness of the wire, to prevent breakage. Every crop has their own weights. On top of that, the type of crop wire also depends on the length you need to tension the crop wire. Improper attachment or tensioning of the crop wire has negative consequences such as wire breakage, which leads to crop damage. The fixing of crop wire is done using two turnbuckles M12 with a mounted point sock, two steel wire clamps M16 and 4 steel wire clamps M6. Our specialists have written an article on how to secure a crop wire

Do not tighten your crop wire

Many growing seasons are in their final stages around October and November. The preparations for the new season will already begin. The greenhouse is cleaned out and the crop is removed. Here it can be tempting to pull the crop strings tight. Yet it is better not to do so, as it can have a devastating effect on your greenhouse.

How to prevent greenhouse damage?

You can prevent damage to your greenhouse by not changing the standards of the crop threads. The thickness of the wire is based on the crop load, the length of your greenhouse, the section spacing and the sag of the wire in each section. If you change any of these standards, overloading can occur. This will result in the crop wire breaking, damage to the wire arch in the end wall, or the "shortening" of the greenhouse resulting in breakage of the roof glass.

Buy crop wire for commercial greenhouses

Are you planning to build a new greenhouse or to renew your existing crop wire? Follow the guidelines of the ISSO 88, Quality requirements for greenhouses. Do you have any questions? Our specialists are happy to advise you. Royal Brinkman offers a broad range crop wire. Therefore, make sure you reinforce your existing crop wire properly. This can prevent breakage of your crop wire.
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