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Wire mesh, also named wire netting, is a versatile metal product that in crop supporting and fencing applications in horticulture. Wire mesh is usually used in horticulture to support the crops growing in between it. It’s stretched between supporting materials, pillars with a ring at the bottom that are pushed into the ground. 

Choosing the right wire mesh

When choosing the right wire mesh for your crop, you have to take into account your type of crop. The wire mesh size also plays a role here. There are different types of wire mesh, namely:
  • Chrysanthemum gauze: Chrysanthemum gauze is a strong and dimensionally stable type of gauze. That is why it is often used for other types of cut flowers.
  • Amaryllis gauze: Amaryllis mesh makes it possible to place more bulbs per m². In addition, this gauze is provided with a plastic coating (anti-allergy).
  • Carnation gauze: Carnation gauze is suitable for both single and multiple use. It is generally placed in three to seven layers of gauze on top of each other and the mesh distribution can be determined as desired.
  • Weed gauze: Weed gauze is custom-made and is often used in the outdoor cultivation of summer flowers. 
  • Lily gauze: Lily gauze can be adapted to hoist heating and/or a box cultivation system. In addition, a variation in the number of meshes and wire thicknesses is possible.
  • Static gauze: has a hard weft and a soft longitudinal thread of 1.65 x 1.65 and a large mesh length of 25 centimetres.
  • Mesh wire: Mesh wire is tuned to ground cooling/heating and is used as two layers of wire mesh in hoist heating
  • Hydrangea gauze: Hydrangea netting is adapted to the dimensions of the gutter cultivation system.
  • Lisianthus gauze: Lisianthus mesh can be optimally matched to the hoist heating system and allows for wider walkways, more plants per m² and smaller mesh sizes.

Want to buy wire mesh?

Are you planning to buy new gauze for your crop? Then Royal Brinkman is the right place for you. Our specialists will be happy to help you make the right choice and advise you on the various possibilities of gauze. Together with our supplier Dinxperlo, we supply gauze for the professional horticultural sector, completely adapted to your wishes and needs. 
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