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The department "Crop Rotation" will help in the preparation and during the busy, hectic period of the start of the new crop. during, for example whether it happens once a year the tomato or pepper cultivation, once every 10-13 weeks in chrysanthemum cultivation, or once every 7 years in rose cultivation, everything revolves around a tight schedule and proper cultivation materials.

Royal Brinkman offers a total package substrates to the benefit of horticulture; rock wool mats, granulate and pads and other substrates. The foils, floor cloths, anti-fog films and other products needed during the crop rotation, among the Crop Rotation theme.

We also offer a complete range of high wire hooks for growing tomatoes. Combined with our flexibility in relation to rope thickness, rope length, color, color sequence and a comprehensive package for quick action we can always provide the right solution. It focuses on quality and delivery reliability comes first! See also our full range of crop rotation products in the catalog. You can also request a quote directly without registration.

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 Ground covers Films Wire netting and support material Ground improvement
 High Wire Hooks Substrates and accessories Crop rotation Rope

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Productmanager rotation 
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 Silvia van der Caaij
Productspecialist Crop rotation 
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 Dick Vogelaar
Purchaser Crop rotation
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 Martin Meuldijk
Product specialist Crop rotation

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