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We are happy with Royal Brinkman as a partner for our cultivation supplies. Every year we come with new requests for materials to make our cultivation even better and the daily work of our colleagues more efficient.

- Dan Xu, Hortipolaris - 

Beijing Hortipolaris, greenhouse phase one located in Miyun District of Beijing, is one of the core areas of Miyun District national modern agricultural industrial park. Hortipolaris in the establishment of the initial commitment to the Netherlands advanced agricultural technology facilities in China to achieve landing, promotion and transformation.

  • Back in 2016 Xu Dan was a Plant Director and a little later Head Grower at a company called Henan sino Dutch Horticulture. This is where he first met with Vincent van der Wilk (regional Sales Manager for Asia) from Royal Brinkman. It was in this meeting where Xu Dan explained his dream to become one of China’s best growers and building his own greenhouse in Beijing. Just one year later in 2017, Dan’s dream came true and the successful company Hortipolaris has been founded.

    Xu Dan uses different machines and supplies from Royal Brinkman. From bigger machines like a Van der Waay TopCleaner and a Berg Hortimotive pipe rail trolley, to crop supplies such as hooks, clips and sticky traps. "Whether it's about hygiene measures, scouting pests or making the working life of my colleagues more efficient, Royal Brinkman can always help me out," Xu Dan explains.

    Vincent explains, “from the day Xu Dan and I met we always tried to help each other in every way we could: sharing knowledge, supporting each other, helping to understand the Chinese horticultural market and building up Royal Brinkman in China. Besides a pleasant cooperation a beautiful friendship has arisen.”

"We are proud that Dan Xu has chosen Royal Brinkman as a partner for his cultivation supplies and comes back every year with new requests to make his cultivation even more efficient and better by using Royal Brinkman materials. We look forward to continuing to improve the horticulture in China together. Let’s improve together."
- Vincent van der Wilk, Royal Brinkman -

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