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Lugt Lisianthus

“The entire watering system is still spotless”

- Lisianthus grower Wesley van der Lugt -

“In the cultivation of Lisianthus, good water quality is very important. Lisianthus is grown in full greenhouse soil and is sensitive to fungi, including Fusarium. Germs can easily spread through the water to the entire nursery. Therefore, at the new nursery, we wanted the new, clean water system to stay clean as well.”

We visit Lugt Lisianthus in Monster and speak to Wesley van der Lugt. "We were looking for a solution to keep the pipes clean in the long term. We have found that by adding the disinfectant Huwa-San TR-50 during the cultivation. For the most part, we water via the overhead sprinkler system. In the last week of the cultivation, when the first flowers open, we water from below via a drip hose." The 5.8 hectare nursery in Monster has been in use for growing Lisianthus since the end of 2019. Over time, without water treatment, you see biofilm build-up in any watering system. Bacteria and fungi feel comfortable in the biofilm on the inside of the pipes. There they multiply and cause blockages. The result is uneven watering. Wesley: "This is very undesirable, it causes dry spots and uneven growth of the crop.”

  • Experience Lugt Lisianthus

    To prevent biofilm from accumulating in the pipes Lugt Lisianthus has been dosing a water treatment agent from June 2020. The product, Huwa-San TR-50, is safe for the crop and will be used in all watering sessions, both top and bottom. This water treatment agent Huwa-San TR-50 is a silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, the disinfectant has a good stability which leads to a powerful fight against micro-organisms. Huwa-San is automatically dosed with the water via a flow controlled dosing pump directly into the pressurised pipe. At the start of the dosing process a zero measurement is made, followed by a start-up recommendation. Dirk Timmers, hygiene and disinfection product specialist at Royal Brinkman: "We provide targeted follow-up and technical guidance throughout the year. Together with the user, we think up the best approach against contamination and to prevent blockages in the water system." 

    “Without water treatment, biofilm forms in every water supply system”
    - Wesley van der Lugt, Lisianthus grower in Monster

  • The Huwa-San TR-50 is automatically dosed with the water via a flow-controlled dosing pump.
  • Lisianthus is grown in the full greenhouse soil and is susceptible to fungi, including Fusarium.
  • The crop is for the most part watered via the overhead sprinkler system, and only in the last week via the lower sprinkler system.
  • Dirk Timmers, Wesley van der Lugt and Jef van Gorp, Roam Technology discuss the results of the water analyses

  • Water analyses

    Dirk Timmers: "At Lugt Lisianthus we carry out quarterly water analyses. We take water samples in the greenhouse, from the top irrigation, the bottom irrigation, near the unit and in the basin. These are analysed by an independent laboratory and advice is given. That advice is about the dosage or about tackling the problem at a particular spot. For example, in the case of high bacterial counts in the basin, we can take targeted and effective action. This way we get an overall picture of the water quality in the whole nursery." Huwa-San is more than just a product and an installation. It is a total concept that Royal Brinkman provides together with supplier Roam Technology. Jef van Gorp, responsible for technical sales at Roam Technology: "With a digital SPI meter we can measure the level of Huwa-San-TR-50 very accurately at any place in the water system. It's nice to quickly see that the concentration you set on the dosing pump is also measurable in the pipes. In this way the grower himself is also convinced that the remedy is getting everywhere."

    “Huwa-San is more than just a product and an installation”
    - Dirk Timmers, product specialist hygiene and disinfection

Intermediate measurements

With test strips, the grower can also easily take intermediate measurements himself. With these he can quickly measure the level of hydrogen peroxide. With these test strips you can see the concentration of Huwa-San TR-50 present in the water sample within seconds. The product fits in with responsible and sustainable cultivation; it has the right permit and complies with the strictest production standards. And not unimportantly, after reaction it decomposes into water and oxygen, leaving no residue.

  • Jef van Gorp of Roam Technology takes a water sample at the unit.
  • From left to right: Dirk Timmers, Royal Brinkman, Wesley van der Lugt and Jef van Gorp, Roam Technology.
  • With test strips, you can see the concentration of Huwa-San TR-50 present in the water sample within a few seconds.


The improvement of working with Huwa-San TR-50 is great at Van der Lugt Lisianthus; the watering system is still spotless. Huwa-San TR-50 tackles biofilm well in the watering system. Micro-organisms have less chance of spreading in the nursery. The grower no longer has to unscrew the sprinklers and clean the sieves twice a year. This is a considerable labour saving.  




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