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DT Enterprise Farms Limited

“I visited the Hortispares.com webshop and found immediately what I needed”

- Tony Mastronardi -

Second generation farmers Don and Tony Mastronardi operate DT Enterprise Farms Limited in Ruthven, Canada, ON. They grow a variety of crops on their 22 acre operation, mainly tomatoes but also organic cucumbers and tomatoes. Their latest addition of 6 acre was two years ago with grow lights. Don is mostly responsible for the growing, while Tony takes care of maintenance, of which ordering materials and therefore ordering spare parts, is part of his job.

The location of DT Enterprise Farms has been the same for about 20 years. At the same time they bought their first Berg Hortimotive scissor lifts through Agro Dynamics, the company who represented Berg Hortimotive in those days.  All different kinds of Berg Hortimotive equipment sold in those years, can still be found throughout Canada. Recently there have been more requests for Berg equipment from that time era (15-20 years), especially since Arie Alblas has joined Royal Brinkman, the main supplier for Berg Hortimotive equipment, in North America. DT Enterprise source and order parts for their running Berg equipment through Hortispares.com, Royal Brinkman’s website with over 10,000 horticultural spare parts.
  • Local spare parts

    “At a certain point, we could not find spare parts locally anymore. That was the moment to search for something else. I used to use google when I was looking for Berg spare parts, until a colleague from the horticultural sector told me about Hortispares” says Tony Mastronardi. “I visited the Hortispares.com webshop and found immediately what I needed. Now after having placed eight different orders at Hortispares.com, we are more than happy with the webshop. We can find the right parts easily through ‘Exploded view’, order them, pay and will have it on the farm within days”.

    Tony thinks ordering is easy and accessible; all his current machines are saved under MYMACHINES. “It started with cylinders for the scissor lifts and we have been ordering all different parts ever since. That will still keep our Berg carts going from day to day” says Tony. The carts are almost just as old as the farm itself and we are still using them every day. Since we started ordering spare parts via Hortispares.com, we also started ordering parts to replace broken or worn out parts.” Anything from moving parts to electrical components.

  • DT Enterprise Farms Limited

The ‘Exploded view’, is a very easy option while ordering parts. Most parts for DT Enterprise Farms have been ordered online, especially since COVID-19.  At Hortispares.com, over 350 machines and 10,000 spare parts of popular brands are available. “The assortment is large, I found what I needed for now and the experience was very positive”. Tony finds it very easy and convenient, not realizing that the store is even in the Netherlands. “Not too much different from Amazon”, says Tony with a smile.

Connection Royal Brinkman and Hortispares

Tony concluded that it is good to know the connection between Royal Brinkman and Hortispares.com, especially with the representation of Arie Alblas in this area. “We are not a Royal Brinkman customer yet, so we are paying with credit card before leaving the online store. But that might change with sales and a warehouse direct in the Leamington area from Royal Brinkman Canada. Then I can order online and pay on account, even better” says Tony.

DT Enterprise Farms is very satisfied with Hortispares.com, which actually exceeded their expectations. “I found what I needed, paid and went on with my day. Very user-friendly, that is the way we like to do business”.

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