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Les Serres Demers

“The experience of my first orders at Hortispares was great. It was fast, and easy, with a wide range of spare parts.”

- Jean-Francois Boyer -

Les Serres Demers was founded in the 1960 in Saint-Nicolas. Nowadays the company has two sites, one in Lévis and one in Drummondville, both situated in Quebec, Canada. The site in Lévis is 17 hectares and in Drummondville 10 hectares. The family business has grown enormously over the years, from 25 to over 300 employees.

Respect for the environment
Les Serres Demers is recognized in the industry not only for the quality of its products, but also for the energy it deploys to develop and promote sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture. In Drummondville they grow Tomatoes (TOV, Beef, Cherry) and in Lévis they grow Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Sweet peppers.
  • Machines
    Jean-Francois Boyer has been working at Les Serres Demers for 4 years now. He is the Head grower at the Drummondville site. At the 10 hectare site they have several machines running to keep the business going. Among others the Wanjet Robot sprayer, the Empass Wagon, the Benomic star pipe rail trolley, the Betrac Electric tow trolley and a transport trolley from Berg Hortimotive. They make also use of the Flexxomat disinfection mat.

    Searching spare parts
    “When I am looking for spare parts, I find it very important to have the exact same part with ease. Speed is also important, especially in case of emergencies”, says Jean-Francois. He was introduced to Hortispares via Royal Brinkman, who are a supplier of first choice. The experience of his first orders was great. “It was fast, and easy, with a wide range of spare parts. I always use the exploded view, you cannot ask for more. The ‘My Machines’ functionality on Hortispares is very helpful and efficient when searching for your parts”, says Jean-Francois.

  • Les Serres Demers

Ordering online
There is very few spare parts available for the machines locally, so Les Serres Demers is very happy with the existence of Hortispares. They like to order online because with the difference in the hours from Canada to Holland they can look it up when they have the time. He also likes the payment process which is fast and easy. “The delivery process for a small package normally goes fast. For big spare parts the delays are longer because we are situated in Canada”.

Overall experience
Jean-Francois thinks the overall experience so far with Hortispares is great. He finds it an easy process with good specialists who help you out if needed. “I like the fact of being able to order online at Hortispares as a Royal Brinkman customer. I feel great and reassured to be able to rely on a strong distributor”.

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