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Customer Story Richplant

“The Service Engine is all we need”

- Bob Brakel, head of the technical department at pot plant nursery Richplant - 
  • For three years now, Bob Brakel, head of the technical department at pot plant nursery Richplant in the Netherlands, has been using the Service Engine of Royal Brinkman. This smart, web-based tool for desktop and smartphones provides a complete overview of the maintenance status of the installations and equipment of the company. "It keeps us on track, so that preventive maintenance and compulsory inspections are carried out according to the plan. It enlarges the certainty of the company, which saves time, money and concerns.” 

    Preventive maintenance hinders breakdowns and extends the lifetime of the equipment and installations. Any grower or technician will immediately agree. Nevertheless, due to the busy everyday life, it is often forgotten or postponed indefinitely. “Then, logically, something goes wrong that could have been prevented", Bob Brakel knows from his own experience. "And you will just see that this happens in the heat of the moment, when you cannot afford breakdowns or delays. Fortunately, thanks to the Service Engine, this is now a rare occurence.

    "Even in busy periods, we are able to prevent breakdowns and delays."
    Bob Brakel, pot plant nursery Richplant in Naaldwijk

The reality is stubborn
Brakel has been working at Richplant for many years and has been responsible for the technical maintenance of the nursery, which specialises in exclusive green and flowering houseplants, for the past 15 years. Besides that, he works on the shop floor. He knows the importance of timely service and maintenance like no other and realizes that working systematically can prevent many failures and defects. "In practice, this does not always succeed, especially during busier periods", he admits frankly. "I suspect that many growers and mechanics will recognize this. Years ago, I attempt to collect all information into a spreadsheet, so that I would have a better overview of the whole and less could escape my attention. That turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought.” 

Fast and targeted action
Three years ago, the technical director was made aware of Royal Brinkman's application via the growers association Decorum. After a training session with a demonstration by the account manager, he knew that this was what he was looking for. "The application is very useful", he says enthusiastically. "Not only for me as the person with the final responsiblity, but also for teamleaders who are often the first to identify failures and defects in equipment and technical installations. They report the problems via the smartphone app, whereby I am informed immediately and I can undertake targeted action."

All information in one system
Service Engine contains a complete overview of all maintenance-sensitive equipment, installations and software in the company, grouped in logical sections. Each item is linked to information about the involved supplier and installer, the maintenance planning and history and underlying documents, such as maintenance contracts and reports, digital product documentation and (if applicable) inspection reports. "Everything you would like to know is secured in the system," says Brakel. "Of course you have to enter that information by yourself but that is usually unwedded. A useful tool is the maintenance planning, showing you the planned preventive maintenance and replacement for the coming period, who is responsible and where you need to pay additional attention. Another useful tool in my opinion is that you can immediately show all relevant information by an inspection or test. That has led to surprised reactions, but always in a positive manner.”

"The Service Engine is a golden tool."
Bob Brakel

Less downtime, lower costs
When asked whether the Service Engine saves the company time and money, he answers absolutely yes. "We clearly have fewer breakdowns and downtimes compared to the past. Besides, I am able to plan my work better. When you consider the benefits, the costs of purchase and operation are insignificant. And I have not even mentioned the longer technical lifespan as a result of timely maintenance. I think the Service Engine is a golden tool and I recommend it to every horticultural company.”


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