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Schenkveld tomatoes

‘Controlling service and maintenance of technical installations through a single dashboard’

– Tomato grower Richard Schenkeveld -

  • “Our previous system for service and maintenance tasks was no longer adequate. We could only create tasks and check them off," says Richard Schenkeveld, tomato grower from Schipluiden. "But with the increase in the number of machines and an increase in personnel, we were yearning for more insight and overview. We were tipped off about the Service Engine and that is how the ball started rolling”.

    Schenkeveld Tomatoes in Schipluiden has transferred its service and maintenance to bQurius. The professionals of bQurius support five tomato nurseries at 12 locations in the Netherlands with all service and maintenance activities. bQurius has been working with the Service Engine tool of Royal Brinkman for several months. "By now, 63 colleagues at bQurius are already connected to the Service Engine," says Nick van Balen, Head of Technical Services at bQurius. "These colleagues work at Schenkeveld Tomatoes, Van der Voort and Greenvalley, among others. And these numbers continue to grow," Van Balen indicates.

    “Due to growth we had to switch and now we have a better insight and overview
    ~ Richard Schenkeveld, tomato grower

Perfect for file creation
Schenkeveld Tomatoes is a customer of bQurius and outsources its Technical Service to this consultancy. About seven months ago they started setting up the Service Engine. Since January, Van Balen has been working at full speed with the smart digital tool. "Due to the growth of the company, monitoring and measuring the maintenance work plays a greater role and the Service Engine is ideally suited for this". In addition, the Service Engine lends itself perfectly to file creation because of the possibility of adding various items, such as photos, files or even complete e-mails. All documentation is registered with a date and can be consulted clearly and at any time, both on desktop and mobile phones.

  • Left Nick van Balen, Head of Technical Services bQurius and right Jordi Jeelof, Specialist Digital Tools Royal Brinkman, discuss the operation of the Service Engine app.

  • From left to right: Nick van Balen (bQurius), Richard Schenkeveld (Schenkeveld Tomatoes), Jordi Jeelof (Royal Brinkman).

  • Simply create a new task on the app.

Customer-specific design
The Service Engine tool is set up in a client-specific way. Every nursery is different; has different technical installations, different greenhouse departments and a different working method. Together with the grower and the end user, the ideal set-up of the Service Engine is realised. At bQurius own initiative is stimulated and the environment in the Service Engine is designed for that. "All colleagues have a so-called 'manager role', whereby they can take on tasks for themselves. Of course, I do let them know in the morning if there are urgent matters that absolutely can't wait, but otherwise they make their own daily schedule and that makes working more fun". The Service Engine is set up to meet these requirements, whereby for Nick van Balen, as Head of Technical Services, the total overview is the most important thing. In addition, not only the Technical Service of bQurius uses the Service Engine. "We do everything with the app," Van Balen continues enthusiastically. "Even the head of Purchasing uses it to order technical parts, for example, and everything can be found in the history, it is ideal".

"I use the Service Engine mainly for monitoring and filing". ~ 
~ Nick van Balen, consultancy bQurius in Schipluiden

  • Nick van Balen (right) shows the dashboard of the Service Engine to Jordi Jeelof (left)

  • Comprehensive overview

    All brands of machines can be added to the Service Engine and data entered will never be lost. The tool builds up a history of the machines. Previous reports and malfunctions can be retrieved in an orderly manner, which is also very useful at the time of inspections and tests. Adding items to a specific task, report or malfunction also benefits the overall view. The desktop version of the dashboard may be a little clearer than the one on a mobile phone, but the grower does not have to make a choice. The data can be consulted on both devices.

    "Our feedback improves the Service Engine"
    Nick van Balen

Improving and developing
Together with the customer, we ensure the best set-up of the Service Engine and if the customer comes up against something, we will of course look for the right solution. "It is great working with Royal Brinkman," says Van Balen. "I indicate my points for improvement with regard to the Service Engine tool and they are actually heard and dealt with. Sometimes it is a small adjustment that is easy to implement, and other times Royal Brinkman dives deeper into the matter and may take it up with a developer".

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