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The Twinhook is a very safe and an effective solution. That is when we decided to use it on 16 acres of tomatoes on the vine early in 2016, with great results!”

- Windset Farms -

At over 16 acres, WindSet Farms is one of the biggest horticultural companies in North America. On their different locations in Canada and America, they grow premium quality vegetables, including tomatoes. Since February 2015 the company uses the Twinhook to prevent splitting in their topped tomato plants. We spoke to Tony Stevens, senior grower at WindSet Farms. 

  • “Topped tomato plants carry the risk of stem splitting. Tomatoes on the vine – which we growth – are the worst variety for that, because of the variability of the height of the pinch point. Some vines are very short and others are over 4 inches. Splitting of the pinch point can lead to grow reduction, since it increases the risk of infection with Botrytis. To prevent stem splitting, we tried a couple of things, but they did not work.”

    When Bas from Royal Brinkman visited us, he saw our struggle with this problem. Subsequently, he came with the idea of using the Twinhook. The Twinhook is a twinclip that provides the node with the exact support it needs to prevent damage. We decided to give it a try on a couple of rows to see what would happen. The results were surprising. At first, we thought it had potential to cause a wound where botrytis could get in, but we did not have issues with that. Actually, we did not see any negative effects at all when using the Twinhook. It is a very safe and effective solution. That is when we decided to use it on 16 acres of tomatoes on the vine early in 2016 with great results!”

“We are really happy with Twinhook. It has many advantages compared to our former solutions. The clip is user friendly. It is much easier to put on compared to all the other solutions we tried. The other advantage is that it is less time consuming. Since we are not doing it very often, we don't go to work on it very quickly, but we do an average of 650 clips per hour. Finally, it is also really firm. I was worried that they would become brittle and break, but the clips lasted the whole length of the crop. It is a great solution and I would definitely recommend it to other growers!”

The Twinhook

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