D-Condens: anti condensation coating

In many greenhouses, condensation on the glass, foil or polycarbonate is a problem. Condensation drops also contribute to a higher susceptibility to Botrytis. The result for cultivation: growth reduction and crop damage.

Condensation on glass               Condensation on plastic                  Damage caused by condensation drops
D-Condens coating
provides a layer that reduces condensation drops. By using D-Condens you will prevent light reduction (which can be up to 15%) and crop damage caused by condensation drops. For a optimal use apply D-Condens BEFORE the 'condensation season' on a DRY and clean surface. 

D-Condens can be applied on glass and almost all kinds of plastic films. We recommend to test the adhesion first on your plastic. In general, the thinner and more flexible the plastic is, the better the efficiency and lifecycle of D-Condens. D-Condens is tested on plant harmfulness by WUR Wageningen (The Netherlands).