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Donkey TE-23

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Donkey TE-23

Item no. 941203220
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Donkey TE-23

As the name suggests, this is a robust, compact and very strong electric car for moving harvest carts, Danish carts, auction carts and other internal transport in greenhouse farming. This electric car is very suitable for internal transport in flower and plant nurseries, vegetable nurseries, distribution companies, airports, etcetera.

A characteristic feature of this tricycle is its very small turning circle of less than 200cm, allowing it to turn on its own axis with ease! With a width of only 780mm, the Donkey can easily maneuver through tight spaces. The Donkey is constructed entirely of steel, so if there is a steering error, it will not suffer from cracked or broken plastic.

The rear-wheel drive with differential delivers a tractive force of up to 5,000 kg and can cope with the toughest conditions in greenhouse farming.


  • Constructed entirely of steel, no breakable plastic covers;
  • Compact construction with minimum turning radius (less than 2 meters);
  • High ground clearance for uneven or swampy terrain;
  • Pneumatic tires with puncture protection for extra comfort;
  • Enormously powerful and robust rear-wheel drive with differential;
  • High working range up to 12 hours on one charge due to extremely efficient PMAC motor with regeneration system that captures braking energy;
  • Selector switch limiting maximum speed high / low;
  • Automatic parking brake on the rear wheels;
  • Powerful hydraulic drum brakes suitable for braking heavy loads;
  • LED lighting at front and rear including brake lights;
  • Bright color display with battery indicator and hour meter;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Ergonomic seating position with seat switch;
  • Battery pack easily accessible and optionally available with automatic filling system;

Technical specifications

Length1440 mm Car weight350 kg
Width781 mmMax. Towing capacity5.000 kg (Depending on conditions)
Hight1297 mmMotorElectric motor 24 PMAC VDC
Travel speedForward: 12 km/u
Reverse: 6 km/u
BrakesHydraulic drum brakes
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