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Fairs and Events

Visit Royal Brinkman in 2019 at the following exhibitions:

Country City Exhibition / Event Start date End date
Australia Melbourne Horti Connections 24-06-19 26-06-19
Australia Gold Coast PCA Conference 7-07-19 10-07-19
Azerbeidzjan Baku Caspian Agro MAY MAY
Belgium Hoogstraten Demonstratie en Mechnisatiedag Aardbei SEP SEP
Brazil  Holambra Hortitec 26-06-19 28-06-19
China Shanghai Hortiflorexpo IPM 20-04-19 22-04-19
China Shanghai Horti China 21-11-19 23-11-19
Czech Republic Brno Zelena Burza 16-01-19 16-01-19
France Angers Sival Expo congres 15-01-19 17-01-19
Germany Essen IPM 22-01-19 25-01-19
Germany Karlsruhe ExpoSE NOV NOV
Kazachstan Almaty International Exhibition "greenhouses, vegetable stores.Irrigation and Flow 18-04-19 20-04-19
Mexico Irapuato Expo Agroalimentaria 12-11-19 15-11-19
Netherlands s-Hertogenbosch Aardbeiendag, januari 9-01-19 10-01-19
Netherlands Amsterdam GreenTech 11-06-19 13-06-19
Netherlands Eghel Aardbeien Demodag, september - (vanuit Delphy, ZLTO) 6-09-19 6-09-19
Netherlands s-Gravenzande Horti Experience 1-10-19 4-10-19
Netherlands Zundert Groot Groen plus 2-10-19 4-10-19
Netherlands Naaldwijk World Horti Center 24/7   
Poland Nadarzyn k. Warszawy Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair (Targi Sadownictwa i Warzywnictwa) 9-01-19 10-01-19
Poland Kraśnik XV Fruit Conference "Berry Trends 2019" (XV Konferencja Sadownicza "Jagodowe Trendy 2019")  16-01-19 17-01-19
Poland Sandomierz XXIV Spotkanie Sadownicze Sandomierz - XXIV Fruit-growing Meeting Sandomierz 30-01-19 31-01-19
Poland Kielce 4th Fruit and Vegetable Production Technology Expo HORTI-TECH 13-02-19 14-02-19
Poland Jachranka k. Warszawa Konferencja Borowkowa - Blueberry Conference 7-03-19 8-03-19
Poland Warszawa Zieleń to życie - Green is life 5-09-19 7-09-19
Russia Moscow APPM Conference 6-02-19 8-02-19
Russia Moscow Protected Soil of Russia 1-06-19 1-06-19
Russia Krasnodar YUGAGRO 13-11-19 13-11-19
Russia Moscow Vostrock Capital DEC DEC
Spain Almeria InfoAgro MAY MAY
Spain Madrid Fruit Attraction OCT OCT
Turkey Antalya Growtech Eurasia NOV NOV/DEC
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Global forum for Innovations in Agriculture(GFIA) 1-04-19 2-04-19
United Kingdom Kent Fruit Focus 17-07-19 17-07-19
United Kingdom Cheshire Four Oaks trade show 3-09-19 4-09-19
United Kingdom Warwick Tomato Conference 26-09-19 26-09-19
United Kingdom Chichester GroSouth 7-11-19 7-11-19
Uzbekistan Tasjkent AgroExpo 10-06-19 13-06-19
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Hortex 13-03-19 15-03-19

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Esther van Winden

Esther van Winden

Exhibition and event manager