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GreenTech AmsterdamGreenTech Amsterdam 2022

From the 14th of June until the 16th of June 2022, GreenTech Amsterdam will take place in RAI Amsterdam. The GreenTech Amsterdam is the number one horticulture technology platform in the Netherlands, where industry professionals from all over the world come together to connect, network, share knowledge and do business.

Royal Brinkman will be present at this event to empower growers with our knowledge, products, innovations and services to bring you ease, simplicity and efficiency to your business. This year, Royal Brinkman is together with Berg Hortimotive and HortiKey in one stand, number 01.230. This enables growers to find the total solution for their company. 

Besides the presence of Royal Brinkman at stand 01.230, we will also be present at stand 01.445 with DryGair and at stand 05.452CA with Can-Hub. Interested in what a DryGair can mean to your business or do you want to require more information about the popular cannabis industry? Feel free to visit us!

Let's Improve Together! 

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  • Greentech amsterdam


    Tuesday 14 June 2022 | 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
    Wednesay 15 June 2022 | 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
    Thursday 16 June 2022 | 10.00 - 18.00 hrs
  • Greentech Amsterdam


    RAI Amsterdam
    1078 GZ Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Greentech amsterdam


What you can expect from the stands of...

Royal Brinkman

HortiHygienz | Crop Rotation | Crop Care | Crop Protection and Disinfection


  • Our specialists work daily to improve our total solution of a complete and functional hygiene system in the horticultural company by combining products, application techniques, installation, service and advice. Innovations keep the solutions progressive and appropriate to the ever-changing world of requirements and wishes of entrepreneurs and their customers. 

     Sales certainty
    Increase in harvest yield
    Gain time and knowledge
    ✔ Completely unburdened in the hygiene approach

Crop Rotation

    • Valent hooks
    • For many growers the crop rotation process is a hectic time. Within a short period of time, the old crop should be removed from the greenhouse, the greenhouse should be cleaned and disinfected, and the new cultivation has to start growing as soon as possible. To make this process easier for you, we developed the Valent line. The Valent line exists of crop supplies that save you time and money during the crop rotation process. Interested? Click on the links below!

      » Discover Valent Clips
      » Discover Valent Hooks
      » Discover Valent Twine

    Crop Care

    • Many crops are not resistant to full solarization or high temperatures. In this case, shading agents and diffuse coatings could offer protection and contributes to an optimal climate in your greenhouse. By reflecting or diffusing sunlight, you ensure that the crop is not damaged by excessive light intensity. There are different types of shading agents and diffuse coatings. Discover which one is suitable to your crop.

      » Learn more about shading agents
      » Learn more about diffuse coatings

    • Shading agents

    Crop Protection and Disinfection

    • The UniMite Air is a biobased system and has a transparent storage bunker. This bio-blower has two spreading bunkers, one on each side. Each spreading bunker blows predatory mites over a width of five meters, so that the UniMite Air scatters up to ten meters wide. The biofilter distributes very evenly through the feed conveyor in the storage bunker.

      The UniMite Air can be executed on a pipe rail system or a monorail system. The UniMite Air has been developed on the basis of the desire to scatter side post-wide and uniform predatory mites. You can use the UniMite Air in many crops such as rose, chrysanthemum, amaryllis, orchids.

      » Learn more about the different UniMite bio-distribution systems

    Berg Hortimotive

    Berg Hortimotive logo

    The Berg Hortimotive Group develops logistics solutions for every crop and every greenhouse company. We strive to simplify processes, make employees work more safely and pleasantly and make operations better to manage. Translated into higher returns for entrepreneurs. With over 50 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture, Berg Hortimotive Group has developed a range of products that can be used to carry out and optimize the entire logistics process in the greenhouse. Whether it concerns crop care, harvest trolleys, transport or crop protection.

    With subsidiary HortiKey, Berg Hortimotive focuses on the data-driven solutions in the company. The Berg Hortimotive Group always offers a high quality product. For example, did you know that Berg Hortimotive was once at the cradle of the pipe rail trolley? But it doesn’t stop there: new products are still being developed, based on new requirements and using the latest technologies.


    • Automatically predict tomato harvest with the Plantalyzer

      The Plantalyzer fully automatically measures tomatoes in the greenhouse while they are not yet harvested. The robot uses special cameras and software to measure the bottom two to three trusses. The system calculates the trusses, the number of fruits per truss and the color. By linking the data to the algorithms, you get accurate harvest control information. This means you know exactly when and how many tomatoes you can harvest in order to meet your sales targets. 

      Together we are stronger

      By combining the forces of Hortikey, Berg Hortimotive, Royal Brinkman and Letsgrow, we can offer you the best solution for predicting the harvest.  

      » Learn more about the Plantalyzer
    • Plantalyzer


      • Drygair Greentech beurs
      • The greenhouse climate determines the quality of the crop all year round. An even climate without temperature fluctuations and without excessive humidity results in better crops. The DryGair units dehumidify the greenhouse air, while the moisture deficit increases. Instead of releasing the energy contained in water vapour to the outside, it is "harvested" on the cold panels of the DryGair unit. This does not result in energy loss, but rather in energy savings of up to 50%!

        Are you interested in the DryGair systems and do you want to experience the DryGair in an advanced Dutch Greenhouse? Our DryGair specialist Eef Zwinkels will give a presentation on Monday the 13th of June, 2022, the day before GreenTech Amsterdam, between 13.00 and 15.00. Join us on a tour by clicking on the button below.

        Join the DryGair event


      • The global cannabis industry is ever evolving and growers are looking for a quality, consistent and measurable cannabis cultivation in a safe environment. Products need to be sourced as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. As a result, horticulture professionals want to know more about this crop and its cultivation.

        Can-Hub is present at the GreenTech Amsterdam to show their high-quality products to licensed cannabis growers worldwide. Can-Hub is committed to enabling growers to contribute optimally to global health and wellness, while maximizing their commercial opportunities. They do this by offering an online platform with a wide range of high-quality products and supporting growers with professional advice and local understanding.

        » Learn more about Can-Hub

      • Can-Hub

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